Protecting the privacy of our website users

The Institut de la statistique du Québec website does not write any permanent cookies to computer hard drives and does not collect any personal information without prior consent from users. However, session cookies may be used to answer user queries of its databases or to control the duration of inactive user sessions on its website. These session cookies are temporary and are erased when users close their browsers.

Users cannot be identified personally from the information transmitted automatically between computers. This information is gathered solely to meet the technological requirements of using the Internet and is used exclusively for statistical purposes.

Information transmitted automatically

When users visit the Institut website, they do not disclose any personal information. However, to improve its online services, the Institut tracks anonymous information on visitors to its site:

  • to determine the most popular sections by recording the pages visited;
  • to verify the date and time of visits in order to evaluate the availability and accessibility of its online services;
  • to identify the types of browsers and operating systems used to ensure it meets their specifications;
  • to establish from which websites users originated in order to assess the links provided on the referral website, by recording the address or Internet domain name (e.g. "" in the case of a private Internet access account or "" if accessed from a university's domain); and
  • to determine the geographical origin of users from their IP address (an IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to an Internet user's computer by their Internet access provider).

Secure information exchanges

The Institut gives its survey respondents access to secure electronic services which use an encryption protocol to guarantee the confidentiality of the personal information exchanged.

Personal information provided to the Institut by e-mail and via online order forms is used solely to answer and follow-up on these communications.

The Institut treats electronic mail in the same confidential manner as it does conventional mail.

Personal information sent to the Institut will not be disclosed to any other government agencies unless the request is intended for them or disclosure is required by law. In no case is the information sent used to draw up user profiles or passed on to private organizations.

Links to other websites

Links to other websites are provided solely to make Web browsing easier for Institut website users. When users click on a link, they will leave the Institut website. Any information subsequently exchanged is not subject to the Institut's privacy policy.

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