Management values

The clients of the Institut are at the centre of its development, which is achieved in the respect of the following management values:

  • Objectivity, political neutrality, impartiality, integrity and respect of the confidentiality of the information in its possession constitute fundamental values.
  • The quality of its products and services is an ongoing concern of the Institut.
  • The Institut accords its highest priority to satisfying its clientele and respecting its survey respondents and other data suppliers.
  • The Institut strives to be innovative and increasingly effective.
  • The Institut recognizes that the competence of its personnel and its improvement are determining conditions in the achievement of its mission and objectives.

The Institut subscribes to the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics adopted by the Economic Commission for Europe, an agency of the United Nations.


Adopted at the meeting of the Comité des directeurs of April 17, 2000.