Microdata Bank

SAD currently have about fifty unmasked microdata surveys, which are on health and well-being, society, culture and communications, and labour and compensation. Depending on anticipated research needs and individual requests, microdata files from other surveys are added on occasion.

The microdata files of the following surveys are available and may be used according to the terms of the contracts entered into between the Institut and researchers. Click on the links below for details of surveys available for use and for technical and methodological documentation (research reports and technical manuals) produced by the Institut .

Surveys on the health and well-being of the population

Arts and culture surveys

Surveys on compensation

Surveys on science, technology and innovation

Administrative files

  • Live birth registry, 1985-2015
  • Death registry, 1985-2015
  • Still birth registry, 1985-2015
  • Marriage registry, 1985-2016
  • Civil union registry, 2002-2016