Customized statistical compilations

Using its regular databases, the ISQ offers its public and private sector clientele a special data compilation service suited to their specific needs. Its customers are government departments, public, parapublic and peripublic bodies, university researchers, businesses, individuals or buyer consortiums, etc. These compilations can be purchased directly from the ISQ.

Customized productions in various areas of interest:

  • Annual statistics on some twenty topics (population, agriculture, tourism, etc.), each topic with its own variables, for each of Québec’s seventeen administrative regions.
  • Number of deaths by Québec municipality in table form and in hard copy format.
  • A consumer credit business can evaluate and monitor its market share by credit instrument (loan or credit card) and category of lending institution (bank, credit union, etc). These data are compiled quarterly by the ISQ and set down in a special report that includes the relevant statistical tables.
  • A manufacturer of a specialized product is preparing his business plan. In his market study, he needs import and export data on the product. Customized tables by country of origin and destination, covering recent years, are provided in the chosen format.

For further information, please contact the Information and Documentation Centre:

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