Four out of ten teenagers aged 15 to 17 live in a single-parent or blended family

Québec, December 16, 2014 – The proportion of children living in single-parent or blended families increases as they age. In 2011, 18% of children aged 4 and under lived in single-parent or blended families; this proportion reached 39% for young people aged 10 to 14 and 43% among those aged 15 to 17 in Québec. Ten years ago, these proportions were lower among young people aged 10 to 17. The growing incidence of parental breakups contributed to this situation. These results come from the 2011 General Social Survey and are published today by the Institut de la statistique du Québec in issue No. 35 of the bulletin Coup d’œil sociodémographique.

Nearly six out of ten children under the age of 4 live with parents in common-law unions

Among two-parent families, the proportion of children living with parents in common-law unions is lower among older children. While about six out of ten children under the age of 4 live with parents in a common-law union, this proportion declines to three out of ten among 15¬ to 17 year-olds, as several couples opt for marriage after having one or more children. Common-law unions are much more prevalent in Québec than in the rest of Canada.

In two thirds of couples with children under 18 years of age, both spouses participate in the labour market

Out of all couples with children under the age of 18, 47% were comprised of two spouses with full-time jobs and 19% of one spouse working part-time and the other full-time. Couples with young children were the most likely to include one spouse who did not work, usually the mother.

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