Québec ranks 27th worldwide for GDP per capita

Québec, May 22, 2014 – Québec ranks 27th worldwide in terms of gross domestic product per capita in 2013. This is one of the findings from the update of the "International economic comparisons" section of the website of the Institut de la statistique du Québec, a section which puts Québec in an international context using about 60 indicators from over 240 countries and territories.

Québec’s GDP per capita in 2013, measured in purchasing power parity (PPP) with the US dollar, reaches US$36,216 PPP. According to the first preliminary data, Québec ranks 27th in 2013, ahead of New Zealand (US$34,843 PPP), Italy (US$33,922 PPP) and Spain (US$32,765 PPP). Preceding Québec, the United Kingdom (US$36,502 PPP), Japan (US$36,628 PPP) and France (US$37,134 PPP), which ranks 24th. Canada (US$43,306 PPP) is 18th and the United States (US$53,085 PPP) is in 7th place.

See the "International economic comparisons" section of the Institut website for more data on the gross domestic product per capita and on other economic indicators covering several topics (area, population, labour force, consumer prices, exchange rates, gross domestic product (GDP), GDP by expenditure, gross national income (GNI), foreign investments, and international trade of goods with Québec).

Gross domestic product (or total production of goods and services) measures the wealth produced by an economy in a given year. Purchasing power parity avoids distortion due to exchange rates when there is a comparison between countries in US dollars since it takes into account the differences in price levels across economies.

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