Professional women in the private sector are paid less than men with the same skills

Montréal, March 4, 2015 – In 2013, approximately 81,220 full-time regular employees held professional employment in Québec enterprises of 200 employees or more in the private sector; 42.1% were women and 57.9%, men.

In the sector as a whole, the average hourly wage of professional women ($34.36) was less than that of men with the same skills ($38.55), the difference being $4.19. Non-unionized professional women and women working in enterprises of 500 employees or more were also paid less than their male counterparts.

The same observation holds true in the category of predominantly male professions (with a proportion of women of 40% or less) and the category in which there was no predominance (with a proportion of women between 41% and 59%); on average, the wage difference to the disadvantage of women was, respectively, $2.55 and $3.79. In the category of professions with a high concentration of women (60% or more), the estimated wage gap between women and men was not statistically significant.

These figures are from the article entitled Dans les entreprises privées de 200 employés et plus, les femmes professionnelles sont en moyenne moins bien rémunérées que les hommes, released today by the Institut de la statistique du Québec. The data used are from the Enquête sur la rémunération globale au Québec (ERG). Collecte 2013. In that survey, jobs are coded according to the 2011 National Occupational Classification (NOC).

The Institut de la statistique du Québec produces, analyses and disseminates official, objective and quality statistical information on various aspects of Québec society. It is the statistical coordinator for Québec and the relevance of its work makes it a strategic ally for decision makers and all those wishing to learn more about Québec.


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