Over a quarter of businesses invested in advanced technologies between 2012-2014

Québec, December 15, 2016 – Between 2012-2014, 27.5% of businesses with ten or more employees in Quebec incurred capital costs in advanced technologies. These various technologies are used for the supply chain, communications and decision-making. Advanced logistics technologies are used the most often (46.6%), whereas only 6% of businesses make use of advanced green technologies. These are the highlights of the survey report and the S@voir.stat newsletter published by the Institut de la statistique du Québec based on the Survey of Advanced Technology, 2014 carried out by Statistics Canada.

Nanotechnology and biotechnology are still very rarely used in Quebec businesses

In total, 0.2% of businesses use, develop or create nanotechnologies, while only 0.9% use or develop products or processes that require biotechnology. Among the emerging technologies covered by the survey, the geomatics and geospatial group come out on top, with an adoption rate of 8%. In particular, the Global Positioning System, commonly known as GPS, is the most often used technology (5.7%).

Half of all businesses adopted an innovation between 2012-2014

Between 2012-2014, 50.9% of businesses with ten or more employees adopted at least one product, process, organizational method or marketing method that was novel or made a significant improvement. The level of innovation varies depending on the company size, and the large businesses of 250 or more employees have the highest rate (78.3%). In the industrial sector, manufacturing businesses come in first place at 69.3%.


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