The proportion of households that report composting on the rise

Québec, February 17, 2016 – The proportion of Québec households that reported engaging in residential composting increased sharply between 2006 and 2013, rising from 13% to 45%.

In 2013, 27% of Québec households reported composting their kitchen waste. Over half (56%) of households that had a yard likely to generate yard waste reported composting that waste. These proportions have been rising since 2006.

The use of curbside collection services grew significantly over the study period, while home composting declined.

Households in the census metropolitan areas of Ottawa-Gatineau (Québec portion) and Sherbrooke stood out, as three-quarters of them reported composting in 2013.

These results come from the bulletin entitled Les habitudes de compostage des ménages québécois, which is based on data from Statistics Canada’s Households and the Environment Survey.


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