Culture and communications occupations in Québec in 2011

Québec, February 23, 2015 – – In 2011, workers in the cultural workforce accounted for about 3% of employed persons in Québec. This proportion stood at 6% in the Montréal region. These statistics were released today by the Observatoire de la culture et des communications du Québec (OCCQ) of the Institut de la statistique du Québec.

In both Québec and Ontario, among culture occupations, writing, translating, advertising and related communications professionals represented the main occupational group, accounting for 31% of the cultural workforce.

In culture occupations overall, women made up about 54% of the workforce. This proportion was significantly higher in occupations related to libraries, archives, museums and art galleries, while men predominated in architecture-related occupations.

Employment income for all culture occupations was higher in Ontario than in Québec and in the other provinces. Median employment income in Québec was $32,700 and ranged from $16,900 to $56,000 according to the occupational group. Median employment income in non-culture occupations was $33,600.

These statistics come from the bulletin Optique Culture No. 46, Les professions de la culture et des communications au Québec en 2011, which is available on the website of the OCCQ.


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