The 2015 Québec Survey on the Experience of Parents of Children Aged 0 to 5: results of the first population survey on parenthood

Montréal, May 9, 2016 – Today, on the first day of Québec’s Family Week, the Institut de la statistique du Québec is publishing the report of the 2015 Québec Survey on the Experience of Parents of Children Aged 0 to 5 (QSEPC).

Parental experiences

In general, parents of young children have a relatively strong sense of parental efficacy and satisfaction. However, the proportion of parents who frequently experience stressful situations stands at 16%. Likewise, 1 out of 5 parents (20%) put a lot of pressure upon themselves regarding the way they take care of their children. These proportions are higher among women as well as parents with a college or university diploma.

Social support

About 63% of parents of children aged 0 to 5 reported that they can often or always count on their own parents when their family needs help, and 55% of those living in intact or blended families can count on their spouse’s parents. While about 17% of parents can often or always count on four or five sources of support in times of need, nearly 1 out of 5 parents (19%) have no regular source of support. This lack of support is more common among parents born outside Canada, among those who have at least three children, and among parents living in a low-income household.

Use of services offered to families

The QSEPC also provides data on the use of various types of services that are offered to families. It was noted that 19% of parents have never participated in any of the four types of activities associated with child development that were measured by the survey (sports activities, parent-child activities, activities aimed at children aged 0 to 5, and community events or outings for families). This proportion was higher among parents with no diploma and those living in a low-income household.

The report also addresses other aspects of the lives of parents with young children, such as parenting practices, work-family balance, information needs, perception of the relationship with the spouse, and barriers to the use of services.

About the QSEPC

The QSEPC was conducted on behalf of Avenir d’enfants as part of the Perspectives parents initiative and collected information from more than 14,900 parents with at least one child aged 0 to 5 across 16 administrative regions. This sample provides a portrait of parenthood among mothers, fathers, and parents living in circumstances of deprivation. The QSEPC aims to provide stakeholders working with families with information that will help them better understand the needs of parents and that will serve to guide their actions to better support parents in their role.

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