In Québec, 30% of babies have at least one parent born abroad

Québec, October 4, 2016 – Three out of ten of the 86,800 babies born in Québec in 2015 had at least one parent who was born outside Canada, a proportion that has been steadily rising. This increase from 21% to 30% between 2000 and 2015 was primarily due to the births of babies whose two parents were born abroad, the percentage of which rose from 13% to 20%. The percentage of babies born to couples with one parent born abroad and the other in Canada remained steady at around 10%. These figures were drawn from an article called “Regard sur le lieu de naissance des parents d’enfants nés au Québec depuis 2000,” published today by the Institut de la statistique du Québec in Données sociodémographiques en bref.

The primary countries of birth of parents born abroad remained practically unchanged over the past several years. For both mothers and fathers, the three most common were Morocco, Algeria and Haiti. Other frequently declared countries included France, China, Lebanon and the United States. Most of these were also the most common countries of birth of recent immigrants.

The percentage of births where at least one parent was born abroad varied significantly among Québec’s administrative regions, though the percentage was up province-wide. The highest proportions were in Montréal and Laval, respectively with two-thirds and half of all births. Conversely, the percentage was 8% or less in half of the regions of Québec..

When at least one parent was born abroad, 74% of babies were born within marriage. This percentage was about 22% when both parents were born in Canada.


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