New portrait of Québec university graduates

Québec, October 27, 2016 – The Institut de la statistique du Québec is releasing a study called “Les titulaires d’un grade universitaire au Québec : ce qu’en disent les données de l’Enquête nationale auprès des ménages (ENM) de 2011.” This study is a continuation of two previous studies based on 1996, 2001 and 2006 census data.

The analysis draws on sociodemographic, academic and labour force variables to paint a new portrait of Québec university graduates. It includes Canadian comparisons and meticulous analyses at the regional administrative level. The study also focuses on immigrants with a university degree.

Comparisons are fewer over time, but still possible

In 2011, the National Household Survey (NHS) replaced the long form. The NHS questionnaire differs from its predecessor in that it is not mandatory. While comparing NHS data with that from pre-2011 censuses is not always evident, it is possible to do so—by proceeding cautiously—with Québec university graduate data. A comparison framework was developed and implemented for this purpose, the requirements for which were respected by the study released today. Fewer comparisons over time can be made now than if the 2011 census had been conducted identically to earlier censuses. However, comparisons can still be drawn by using a repeatable innovative approach.


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