Québec ranked 21st in comparison with OECD countries in GDP per capita

Québec, August 8, 2017. – Québec ranked 21st in 2016 in comparison with OECD member countries in gross domestic product per capita, according to the first preliminary data. This is one of the findings from the updated “International Comparisons”  section of the Institut de la statistique du Québec website. This ranking was established by comparing about 60 indicators for Québec with those of 250 countries and territories, with chronology over 10 years.

Québec’s GDP per capita in 2016, measured in terms of current purchasing power parity (PPP) with the US dollar, was US $37,888 PPP. In comparison with the 35 member countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Québec thus ranked 21st in 2016, ahead of Israel (US $37 556 PPP), Spain (US $36,144 PPP), Republic of Korea (US $35,980 PPP) and, in 25th place, Czechia (US $35,014 PPP). Just ahead of Québec were Italy (US $37,964 PPP), New Zealand (US $38,092 PPP), Japan (US $41,687 PPP) and France (US $41,930 PPP), which ranked 17th. Canada (US $44,946 PPP) was in 14th position and the United States (US $57,420 PPP) is in 5th place. At the top of the rankings was Luxembourg (US $108,272 PPP), followed by Ireland (US $71,346 PPP), Switzerland (US $63,616 PPP) and Norway (US $63,220 PPP).

See the “International Comparisons” section of the Institut website for more data on GDP per capita and other economic indicators covering several topics (land mass, population, labour force, consumer prices, exchange rates, gross domestic product, GDP by expenditure, foreign investment and the trade of goods with Québec).

GDP measures the total production of goods and services produced by an economy over a given year. Purchasing power parity is the exchange rate that eliminates the price differentials among countries when a comparison using the US dollar is made. Without any purchasing power parity data exclusive to Québec, the purchasing power parity for Canada as a whole was applied to the province of Québec.

The international economic comparisons are compiled and calculated by the Institut, mainly with data from the United Nations, specialized UN organizations, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, federal American statistical agencies, Statistics Canada and the Institut itself. The inherent flaws in international data comparability requires greater prudence during analysis.


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