Specialist Directory

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Agriculture and biofood industry

Child development

Culture and communications

Economic Impact Studies


  • Réjean Aubé, Ext. 3142Real domestic product by industry (monthly)
  • Jean-François Fortin, Ext. 3175Public administration
    Economic accounts (quarterly and annual)
  • Jean-Pierre Barrette, Ext. 3206International economic comparisons
  • Danielle Bilodeau, Ext. 3191Observatoire économétrique (observatory on econometrics)
    Seasonal adjustment
    Productivity indicators
  • Guillaume Marchand, Ext. 3093Private and public investment
    Foreign-owned investment
    Economic accounts (annual)
  • Mario Beaulieu, Ext. 3172Real domestic product, production in industrial sectors
    Economic accounts (quarterly)
  • Bruno Verreault, Ext. 3098Interprovincial comparisons
  • Mario Ringuette, Ext. 3094Consumer price index
    Economic accounts (quarterly and annual)
  • Karine St-Pierre, Ext. 3096International trade

Financial sector

  • Marc Philibert, Ext. 3180Economic indicators for the financial sector
    Financial institutions market
  • Sylvain Prévost-Dallaire, Ext. 3160Economic indicators for the financial sector
    Financial institutions market

Health and well-being

  • Mikaël Berthelot, Ext. 6120Public health surveys program
  • Monique Bordeleau, Ext. 6133Special surveys program and use of federal data on health (including CCHS regular and thematic rounds)
  • Jasline Flores, Ext. 6036Health care experience and health services organization surveys program
  • Issouf Traoré, Ext. 6135Database manager

Labour and compensation

Living conditions and society

Longitudinal and social surveys

Manufacturing sector

Mining sector

Specific projects

Population and demography

Regional profiles

  • Marianne Bernier, Ext. 3217Regional gross domestic product by industry
  • Stéphane Ladouceur, Ext. 3084Profiles of administrative regions and RCMs
    Labour market indicators by RCM
    Disposable income by region
  • Marie-Hélène Provençal, Ext. 3171Regional bulletins
    Panorama of Québec regions
    Profiles of administrative regions and RCMs

Registry of vital events

Science, technology and innovation

  • Marianne Bernier, Ext. 3217Information and communication technologies
    Innovation and advanced technology
  • Christine Lessard, Ext. 3036Human resources in science and technology
  • Sacha Mendez-Leblond, Ext. 3213Québec government expenditures on research, science, technology and innovation
  • Pascasie Nikuze, Ext. 3077Venture capital, entrepreneurship, SME financing
  • Geneviève Renaud, Ext. 3242Patents, scientific publications
    Research & development

Sustainable development and environmental accounts


Sylvain Prévost-Dallaire, Ext. 3160Survey on Québec Accommodation Establishment Occupancy
Survey on Occupancy of Québec Campsites