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Agriculture and biofood industry

Child development

Culture and communications

Economic Impact Studies


Financial sector

  • Marc Philibert, ext. 3180Economic indicators for the financial sector
    Financial institutions market
  • Sylvain Prévost-Dallaire, ext. 3160Economic indicators for the financial sector
    Financial institutions market

Health and well-being

  • Mikaël Berthelot, ext. 6120Public health surveys program
  • Monique Bordeleau, ext. 6133Special surveys program and use of federal data on health (including CCHS regular and thematic rounds)
    Mental health
  • Hélène Camirand, ext. 6122Youth and adult health
  • Jasline Flores, ext. 6036Health care experience and health services organization surveys program
    Child abuse
  • Issouf Traoré, ext. 6135Smoking, alcohol, drugs and gambling among high school students
    Database manager

Labour and compensation

Living conditions and society

Longitudinal and social surveys

Manufacturing sector

Mining sector

Population and demography

Regional profiles

  • Marianne Bernier, ext. 3217Regional gross domestic product by industry
  • Stéphane Ladouceur, ext. 3084Profiles of administrative regions and RCMs
    Labour market indicators by RCM
    Disposable income by region
  • Marie-Hélène Provençal, ext. 3171Regional bulletins
    Panorama of Québec regions
    Profiles of administrative regions and RCMs

Registry of vital events

Science, technology and innovation

  • Marianne Bernier, ext. 3217Information and communication technologies
    Innovation and advanced technology
  • Christine Lessard, ext. 3036Human resources in science and technology
  • Sacha Mendez-Leblond, ext. 3213Québec government expenditures on research, science, technology and innovation
  • Pascasie Nikuze, ext. 3077Venture capital, entrepreneurship, SME financing
  • Geneviève Renaud, ext. 3242Patents, scientific publications
    Research & development

Sustainable development and environmental accounts


Sylvain Prévost-Dallaire, ext. 3160Survey on Québec Accommodation Establishment Occupancy
Survey on Occupancy of Québec Campsites