Données sociales du Québec. Édition 2009

Données sociales du Québec

The 2009 edition of Données sociales du Québec paints a panorama of living conditions in Québec in the most significant fields of social data.

  • population, households and families
  • health
  • education and continuing education
  • work
  • income and wealth
  • low income and income inequality
  • household expenditures
  • housing and transportation
  • time use

The specialists base their analyses on quantified data taken from reliable and official sources.

Using comparisons over time, the extent of changes in living conditions can be assessed. The characteristics and behaviours of the population are revealed using several variables: age, sex, schooling, income, and family type. Moreover, numerous comparisons with Ontario and all of Canada make it possible to compare Québec's living conditions with those of its neighbours.

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