Portrait social du Québec. Données et analyses

Portrait social du Québec. Données et analyses.

There have been many demographic, social and economic changes in Québec in recent years and some that have taken place slowly over the years. However, all of those changes have shaped the living conditions of Quebecers. The objective of the Portrait social du Québec : données et analyses is to provide a snapshot of those changes.

This 12-chapter publication is in keeping with previously published works. It describes the living conditions of the Québec population using data from surveys, censuses or administrative files. Several themes are covered: demographic trends, health, immigration, education, job searching, income, income inequality, housing, time allocation between spouses, and volunteer work.

Portrait social du Québec : données et analyses deals with a wide range of social concerns and is therefore an essential tool for all those wanting to measure the well-being of the Québec population.

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