Vie des générations et personnes âgées : aujourd’hui et demain

Vie des générations et personnes âgées : aujourd’hui et demain

Demographic aging is one of the principal transformations Québec’s population is undergoing. All western societies are experiencing the effects of this phenomenon to varying degrees. In order to be able to adapt to the consequences of this metamorphosis knowledge of the elderly population must be acquired and studied thoroughly.

Vie des génération et personnes âgées : aujourd'hui et demain helps us understand the living conditions of today’s and tomorrow’s elderly. To this end, the authors analyse cohorts over the years. While following the evolution of the characteristics of today’s elderly, we glean invaluable indications of what tomorrow’s elderly will be like.

The five chapters in Volume 1, published in 2004, dealt with several key aspects of the living conditions of future seniors: aging and demographic characteristics, mortality, causes of death and health status, education and knowledge acquisition, consumption and income sources.

Volume 2 adds 10 other themes to this vast panorama of the life of seniors:

    Volume I
  • demographic characteristics and demographic aging
  • mortality, causes of death and health status
  • education and acquisition of knowledge
  • consumption
  • sources of income

  • Volume II
  • regional contrasts of demographic aging on the 2026 horizon
  • elderly immigrants
  • lifestyles of seniors
  • housing, car ownership, possession of driver’s licence
  • participation in the labour market, older workers and retirement
  • link with work in latter part of active life
  • wealth
  • income, housing and pension coverage across the various stages of life
  • profile by age of social expenditure
  • participation of seniors in national revenue and government expenditure

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