Québec Survey on the Quality of Educational Daycare

Enquête québécoise sur la qualité des services de garde éducatifs
(Québec Survey on the Quality of Educational Daycare)

The survey Grandir en qualité 2003, a first in Québec, meets a current need by painting a representative portrait of the quality of government-regulated educational daycare available to Québec children aged 0 to 5. The quality measurement used in the survey is based on the educational approach of the program put forward by the Québec government, which enhances the relevance of the results. The distinctive feature of this survey is that it presents quality measures for five types of services defined in keeping with the administrative and regulatory structure of the Québec network. The analysis also deals with overall quality and, based on four aspects of the fields of application, the basic principles of the early education program. Moreover, extensive information provided in the survey makes it possible to study the relationship between quality and the characteristics of the daycare environment. The data presented in this report was gathered in the spring of 2003 through the observation of 793 groups of children during an entire day. For each of the five types of daycare covered in the survey, this data makes it possible to ascertain the quality of daycare in Québec. This report is a reference tool for workers in the childcare network, enabling them to determine the needs in educational daycare and pinpoint changes that will improve the quality of daycare provided.