Population projections

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This section presents data and publications on population projections. The latest results are presented according to the geographical level (Québec, administrative regions and metropolitan areas, RCMs, municipalities). Results from previous projection exercise are available upon request. These perspectives must not be interpreted as the expected future but only as a possible future if recent trends continue (reference scenario), or if trends follow different exploratory hypotheses (high-growth scenario, low-growth scenario or other analysis scenarios).


Data, tables and figures (in French only)

Québec, 2011-2061

Administrative Regions and Metropolitan Areas, 2011-2036

RCMs (Regional county municipalities), 2011-2036

CLSC and RLS, 2011-2036 Available on the website of the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux This link will open a new window

Municipalities (500 inhabitants and over), 2011-2031

Reference material

Québec (2011-2061), Administratives regions and metropolitaine areas, 2011-2036

RCMs (Regional county municipalities), 2011-2036

Municipalities, 2011-2031