Panorama des régions du Québec – Édition 2018

Panorama des régions du Québec. Édition 2018

Published annually, the Panorama des régions du Québec provides a socioeconomic picture of the 17 administrative regions, as well as the regional county municipalities (RCMs) that comprise them.

The 2018 edition contains:

  • Eighteen wide-ranging topics analyzed based on the most recent statistics: demography; families and households; living conditions; housing; property values; investment; economic accounts; the labour market; health; education; science, technology and innovation; agriculture; mining; manufacturing;  tourism; culture and communications; sustainable transportation; and land accounts;
  • A special section devoted to statistics by RCM, in which we analyze the evolution of three key indicators: population, disposable income per capita, and rate of workers;
  • A brief statistical portrait of each administrative region.

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