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Distribution of standardized property assessment¹ by immovable use, Montréal, fiscal year 2017

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Property value2 Proportion of total property value

$k %

Residential3 227,419,779.6 69.6
Manufacturing industries4 6,196,369.4 1.9
Transportation, communication, and utilities5 10,379,560.6 3.2
Commercial6 19,773,985.3 6.1
Services7 46,089,757.6 14.1
Culture, recreation and entertainment8 10,718,618.2 3.3
Production and extraction of natural resources9 106,655.9 0.0
Vacant buildings and bodies of water10 6,157,539.5 1.9
Total 326,842,266.1 100.0

1. The standardized value represents the total value entered on the roll multiplied by the comparative factor established for the 2017 fiscal year. The comparative factor is the inverse of the median proportion of the roll. The latter is established following the deposit of the roll and comprises the median datum of a distribution of individual proportions establishing the relationship between the sale price of properties having been the object of transactions and their assessment entered on the roll. It should be specified that the standardized values for 2017 in this table represent market conditions as at 1 July, 2015.
2. Includes standardized taxable property values and standardized non-taxable property values.
3. Residential: includes dwellings, cottages, mobile homes, trailers, collective dwellings, residential hotels and motels, trailer and mobile home parks, provisional residences, and outfitters.
4. Manufacturing industries: immovables used for manufacturing purposes.
5. Transportation, communication and utilities: includes transportation (rail, maritime, air, and road), communication (telephone central office, television studio, etc.), and utilities (power transmission lines, dumps, gas pipelines, etc.) infrastructures.
6. Commercial: includes shopping centres, wholesale and retail trade businesses, restaurants, and accommodation establishments.
7. Services: includes office buildings and immovables lodging the following services: financial, insurance, personal, business, professional, government, educational, repair, construction, and other miscellaneous services.
8. Culture, recreation and entertainment: includes immovables used for cultural, sports, or entertainment purposes.
9. Production and extraction of natural resources: includes farms, farm buildings, immovables used for logging, mining, or extraction of other natural resources.
10. Vacant buildings and bodies of water: includes unserviced and unused land, forest reserves and wildlife sanctuaries, bodies of water, unoccupied space on a floor, and immovables under construction.
Source: Ministère des Affaires municipales et de l'Occupation du territoire, Évaluation foncière des municipalités du Québec.
Compilation: Institut de la statistique du Québec, Direction des statistiques sectorielles et du développement durable.
June 16, 2017

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