Le visage des jeunes d’aujourd’hui : leur santé physique et leurs habitudes de vie

L'Enquête québécoise sur la santé des jeunes du secondaire 2010-2011. Le visage des jeunes d'aujourd'hui : leur santé physique et leurs habitudes de vie - Tome 1

This is the first publication based on data from the Québec Health Survey of High School Students 2010-2011. It presents a Québec-wide portrait of certain aspects of the physical health and lifestyle habits of high school students, such as eating habits, physical activity, weight and body image, cigarette smoking, alcohol and drug use, sexual behaviour and perception of health status. These initial results will undoubtedly contribute to increasing our knowledge of the physical health of today’s teens and support actions to improve it.

The target population of the survey consisted of all students from Secondary I through Secondary V enrolled in public and private, French and English high schools in Québec, with the exception of those attending institutions in the Terres-Cries-de-la-Baie-James and Nunavik regions. A total of 63,196 students in 16 health regions of Québec participated in this large-scale survey.