Tests de laboratoire, examens radiologiques et médicaments d’ordonnance : regard sur l’expérience vécue par les Québécois

Enquête québécoise sur l'expérience de soins 2010-2011.Tests de laboratoire, examens radiologiques et médicaments d'ordonnance : regard sur l'expérience vécue par les Québécois - Volume 6

For the first time in Québec, a survey was conducted to document certain aspects of health system performance, including service accessibility, continuity, effectiveness, equitable access, responsiveness and safety at the provincial, regional and local levels. It is the Québec Survey on the Experience of Health Care, 2010-2011. In total, 48,100 people took part in this survey.

The sixth volume presents a profile of people who received a prescription for a laboratory test or radiological examination in the 12 months prior to the survey, as well as those who take medication prescribed by a physician. It describes the experience of people who underwent a test or exam according to whether or not they paid for it, waiting time to get an appointment, and whether or not the appointment was rescheduled or cancelled. It also analyses prescription drug use according to the information provided on the usefulness of the drug, how to take it and its side effects, as well as whether or not a physician reviewed the drugs taken in the 12 months prior to the survey.