Business enterprise sector

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Business enterprise expenditures on research and development (BERD) includes all R&D activities performed in Québec by businesses. This section provides information on R&D performance, R&D funding structure, R&D personnel, Québec industrial R&D tax support and R&D activities by administrative region.


Survey and analysis reports


Tables (in French only)

R&D performance

Funding of R&D

R&D personnel in the business enterprise sector

Tax assistance for industrial R&D in Québec

Intramural industrial R&D activities by administrative region

We are unable to update regional industrial R&D estimates (for the year 2005 and subsequent years). Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Archived Tables - Business enterprise research and development, 1997-2013

Due to the redesign of Statistics Canada’s Research and Development in Canadian Industry survey, which compiles data on BERD, data for 2014 are not comparable with those of previous years. Data for 1997 to 2013 have been archived in the downloadable file below.

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