Fonds communs de placement au Québec, first half 2018.

Fonds communs de placement au Québec, bulletin semestriel

The Survey on Mutual Fund Activities in the Province of Québec conducted by the Institut de la statistique du Québec (ISQ) collects data to monitor the evolution of the net assets of mutual funds in Québec. Within this context, mutual funds are “an investment where investors’ money is pooled with a view to making a group investment whose management is ensured by a third party who must, upon demand, redeem the shares at their net asset value”.

This semi-annually survey was designed to measure Québec’s mutual fund market and to reveal the importance of the role played by mutual funds in the management of the financial wealth of Quebecers. The total net assets of the mutual funds reveals the market value of the securities on the mutual fund balance sheet from which are subtracted any liabilities incurred due to the acquisition of those securities.

The survey also segments the market by mutual fund type, measures the concentration of supply in that market, and shows the relative importance of the investment instruments chosen by investors to make their money yield a profit.

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