Rémunération des salariés – État et évolution comparés 1999 - Étude de sensibilité

Rémunération des salariés État et évolution comparés 1999 - Étude de sensibilité 

This document presents an awareness study concerning methodological changes made to comparisons of comprehensive compensation in 1999. These changes deal with updating the survey basis and withdrawing certain jobs from the comparison. The effects of these two factors in terms of developments in the comparative situation of the Quebec administration in 1998-1999 are studied. In addition, how this is affected by variations in the staffing structure of the Quebec administration following the 1997 voluntary early retirement program is examined. The analyses are broken down by comparative sector for the four employment categories and all reference jobs. The compensation elements considered are salary and overall compensation.

This study is a follow-up and a complement to the report on salaries published by the ISQ in November 1999.