Rémunération des salariés – État et évolution comparés 2002 - Étude de sensibilité

Rémunération des salariés État et évolution comparés 2002 - Étude de sensibilité 

The matching criteria for specialist jobs in the "Professional" category in the 2002 Total Compensation Survey were tightened up. This document presents the results of a sensitivity study designed to measure the impact of this change on wage and salary differences. The analyses were carried out for the following three sectors:

  • other Québec employees sector;
  • private sector;
  • "other public " sector.

The results are presented for all the jobs in the category and for each benchmark job separately.

This study follows the 2002 edition of the report Rémunération des salariés: état et évolution comparés published by the Institut in November and is a complementary source of information.