Compensation by complexity level according to selected breakdowns in Québec in 2017 – Photocopying machine operator (403)

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Sector Weekly regular work hours Pay scales Annual salary Hourly salary Total compensation1

Minimum Normal Maximum

h $ $/h

All of Québec
Level 1 39,4 26 263 32 919 30 864 15,12 20,04
Public sector2
Level 2 36,1 38 299 44 009 42 947 22,81 35,56
Private sector
Level 2 39,8 x x 29 456 14,22 18,54
Private sector, unionized
Level 2 x x x x x x
Private sector, non-unionized
Level 2 x x x x x x
Private sector, 200–499 employees
Level 2 x x x x x x
Private sector, 500 and more employees
Level 2 39,9 x x 29 279 14,09 18,38
Level 2 x x x x x x

1. For more information about the equation, see the chapter called "La méthodologie" in the report Rémunération des salariés. État et évolution comparés, 2017.
2. Comprises the Québec government (Québec civil service and the public education, health and social service networks) and the "other public" sector (municipal government [25 000 or more inhabitants], public enterprises of the three levels of government, universities and federal government employees in Québec).
Source: Québec survey on total compensation. 2017 Data collection.
February 21, 2018

Symbols used in tables

Summary of responsibilities

The Photocopying machine operator operates various high-volume photocopy machines as well as the more complex equipments used in document assembly and finishing.

Education requirement

Secondary School Diploma

Condition of employment


Minimum experience generally required by level of complexity

  • Level 1: Not applicable
  • Level 2: None
  • Level 3: Not applicable

Examples of job titles

  • Duplicating machine operator
  • Colour copier or colour
  • Photocopier operator
  • Copy, staple and glue machine operator

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To be excluded from this job

  • Offset duplicating machine operator (ERG 405) and other duplicating machine operators
  • Desktop publishing equipment operator
  • Jobs whose incumbents perform a variety of clerical tasks including photocopying