Compensation by complexity level according to selected breakdowns in Québec in 2017 – Light vehicle driver (503)

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Sector Weekly regular work hours Pay scales Annual salary Hourly salary Total compensation1

Minimum Normal Maximum

h $ $/h

All of Québec
Level 2 38,9 ... ... 50 280 24,79 36,67
Public sector2
Level 2 37,7 ... ... x x x
Private sector
Level 2 39,8 ... ... 47 734 22,96 32,70
Private sector, unionized
Level 2 40,0 ... ... 53 103 25,45 36,67
Private sector
Level 2 39,3 ... ... 33 013 16,13 21,89
Private sector, 200–499 employees
Level 2 x ... ... x x x
Private sector, 500 and more employees
Level 2 39,9 ... ... 49 296 23,67 33,96
Level 2 38,7 ... ... .. .. ..

... Labourers are mostly paid according to a set rate.
1. For more information about the equation, see the chapter called "La méthodologie" in the report Rémunération des salariés. État et évolution comparés, 2017.
2. Comprises the Québec government (Québec civil service and the public education, health and social service networks) and the "other public" sector (municipal government [25 000 or more inhabitants], public enterprises of the three levels of government, universities and federal government employees in Québec).
Source: Québec survey on total compensation. 2017 Data collection.
February 21, 2018

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Summary of responsibilities

The Light vehicle driver transports passengers, mail, merchandise, tools, equipment and materials by driving an automobile, a pick-up truck, a cube van, a panel van, or any other similar vehicle with two axles and a net weight of less than 4 500 kg.

Main duties: picks up and delivers packages and mail, loads and unloads transported material, keeps the vehicle clean, filled with gasoline, and in good running order.

Education requirement

Several years of secondary-school education are usually required, or specialized on-the-job training is available. Drivers who transport hazardous material or dangerous goods must be certified by the employer

Condition of employment

A drivers licence appropriate to the class of vehicle being driven (class 3 or class 5) is mandatory, and more than 50% of work time must be spent driving

Minimum experience generally required by level of complexity

  • Level 1: Not applicable
  • Level 2: None
  • Level 3: Not applicable

Examples of job titles

  • Courier service driver
  • Mobile canteen driver
  • Delivery driver
  • Newspaper delivery driver

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To be excluded from this job

  • Driver of a mini-bus used to transport passengers for a public transit authority or a custodial care facility