Data Access Services for Research Purposes

Desiring to contribute to knowledge development in Québec, we are putting at your disposal, through a single window, a set of services that will facilitate access to statistical data and consulting services for scientific research purposes.

This single window service provides a gateway to the Institut’s survey data, the registry of demographic events, and data resulting from the linking of Québec government department or agency administrative files with Institut files.

There are two ways of accessing data: in the laboratory or remotely (for some surveys). The reason for having two modes of access is to meet the different needs of users while ensuring a better balance between statistical quality and our confidentiality and privacy obligations. Both of the access modes have their advantages and were designed for different clienteles.

We also offer services that are complementary to access to provide you with guidance, thus facilitating your analysis. An Internet services portal, networking with experts, specialized analysis software, geospatial reference tools and services, and dashboard design are among the services offered.