Québec Cannabis Survey 2018

Enquête québécoise sur le cannabis 2019

The Québec Cannabis Survey (QCS) was conducted between February and June 2019 and focuses on cannabis use and associated behaviours. This report analyzes various indicators regarding the prevalence of cannabis use, the types of products used, supply sources, and driving motor vehicles after cannabis use. Quebecers’ perceptions of cannabis use are also described.

The target population for the survey consists of Quebecers aged 15 and over. However, people living in the Terres-Cries-de-la-Baie-James and Nunavik regions, on a reserve or in an institutional collective household are not covered by the survey. A total of 10,192 people participated in the 2019 QCS.

Reports (in French only)

La consommation de cannabis et les perceptions des Québécois. Portrait et comparaison avec l’édition de 2018 (PDF, 1.3 Mo)

Méthodologie de l'enquête et caractéristiques de la population visée (PDF, 0.6 Mo)





Technical and methodological document


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Enquête québécoise sur le cannabis 2018


Release date: March 11, 2020